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新加坡金沙娱乐平台:Huaxia Fund Chen Bin: Investment like watching the sea should conform to the general trend of holding the house

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内容摘要: This year, the public fund industry celebrates its 20th birthday. The emergence of public funds has lowered the threshold of financial serv...

This year, the public fund industry celebrates its 20th birthday. The emergence of public funds has lowered the threshold of financial services, allowing professional asset management services to fly into the homes of ordinary people and actively practicing inclusive finance. During the period, public funds ushered in rapid development and their ability to make money was prominent, but I also found that many investors' fund investment income is not ideal - some people often buy at high points and sell at low levels; others frequently enter and leave, there is no investment main line; People only look at short-term yields, do not look at volatility and retracement, and follow the trend of hot spots. In the end, many investors' fund investments have a poor composite return.

In fact, investment is like watching the sea. Looking at the waves, the wind and the clouds, the distance is calm and the ocean currents have rules to follow. Instead of playing a game with neighbors, it is better to follow the general trend and hold the house.

It can be seen that in the next 30 years, a clear trend in China is that aging is increasing. UBS Securities said in the "Asian Structural Theme - Aging Asia" report that after 2010, the elderly population in China will accelerate, the aging will accelerate until around 2030, and the elderly will be over 60 years old between 2010 and 2030. The average growth rate reached 3.66%, and the average annual growth rate dropped to 1.26% from 2030 to 2050. By 2050, China's population over 60 will account for 31.1% of the total population, much higher than the average of 21.9% in the world at that time. At the same time, it should be noted that with the improvement of living standards, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and diabetic populations continue to expand. Therefore, we believe that medical and health needs will continue to grow for more than 30 years.

Correspondingly, biotechnology is also one of the areas with the strongest research and development and the fastest progress in science and technology. New technologies such as Car-T cell therapy and tumor immunotherapy have emerged in an endless stream, providing new treatments for many diseases that were previously incurable. I believe that in the next 30 years, more new drugs and new therapies will emerge to fill the unmet clinical treatment needs until people can live healthy to 120 years or even longer.

Statistics show that China Medical industry growth rate is about GDP annual growth rate of 1.5-2 times. This means that long-term possession of pharmaceutical assets, Bao Pushou, can prolong the market and outperform the market with great probability. This is also the main reason why I insist on favoring pharmaceutical assets.

From the perspective of family finance. A family insists on to vote for a well-functioning pharmaceutical fund. After 30 years, it will also receive a considerable amount of medical pension funds. Of course, there will be fluctuations in the market during the period, but insisting on fixed investment can help spread the risk and eventually usher in a calm. And the risk characteristics of the investment target are also highly matched with the demand for medical care – that is, if the medical and pension expenses are higher than expected after 30 years, the investment income of the fixed investment will be correspondingly higher; and vice versa. .





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